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Loopcube_ was born in 2018 from the creative mind of Chiara Amato (Luino, 1994), who began to think about how to unhinge the academic approach to Architecture, experimenting with new ways of thinking. The graphic representation of the cube in axonometry is a constraint and emblem of the finiteness of the built environment. Its infinite conceptual and graphic declinations demonstrate the possible breaking of these limits, giving life to surreal architectural scenarios that make us smile, reflect, dream and imagine.

Facades 1x01

The facade loses its function as a filter between interior and exterior. It is up to the observer to decide what is his new design destiny.

The summit

In order to have access to the most beautiful view, it is almost always necessary to face steep climbs. Living the present, imagining a future, requires a careful view from above of the past and its history.

Healing colors

"In the neo-plastic poetics, the pure constructive act is aesthetic: combining a vertical and a horizontal or two elementary colors is already construction" - Giulio Carlo Argan.


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