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Luca Cacioli

Luca Cacioli studied architecture at the University of Florence and then decided to devote himself to photography. He graduated from the LABA – Libera Accademia di Belle Arti (Free Academy of Fine Arts) and began working with photographic studios and architects on technical and interior photographs. She confronts professionals in the field, studies and attends courses; she participates in awards and festivals receiving recognition. In 2019 he participates in the third edition of the exhibition “beyond your eyes” with the project Lux Lucis. Lux Lucis project and in the same year he was selected for FotoConfronti Off at the Centro Italiano of Fine Art Photography (CIFA).

Piazza Grande flat - Arezzo

White, crystal and light are important. The large volume of the living room is "cut" horizontally by a white blade surrounded by crystal parapets; the master bedroom becomes a small kingdom of relaxation from which one can admire the architectural structure of the building and, towards the outside, the streets of the historic centre.

Convention Center, La Nuvola - Eur, Rome

The complex is capable of hosting conferences and exhibitions. Its design is characterised by an eco-compatible approach and is divided into three bodies: the Teca, in glass and steel with a double wall-facade; the Nuvola covered with a fireproof membrane in fibreglass and silicone; the Lama, a hotel with high quality standards.

Appartamento Giotto - Arezzo

A modern project in an old building from the sixties, in which light becomes the absolute protagonist. The materials used, both natural and artificial, blend perfectly; the use of high design pieces that float inside, the high technologies used make the domestic environment innovative.


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