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place Orbetello year 2018

Ma”aM collection flagship store






Ma”aM collection flagship store

To wrap the journey at the points of intersection with the memory. To draw a space to collect the brought of an experience. The intention of the project was to create a space of places: a matrix made of sets and subsets to obtain micro-regions each time different and adaptable to new experiences. The journey is one of the elements that characterize the product at the center of the project. Added to this are the material and chromatic peculiarities of Indian silk and the heterogeneity of the transformation of the raw material into the collection.

With the intention of underlining the product, we wanted to “abandon” the container. Materially, interrupting the process of finishing the walls. Chromatically, with the use of neutral colors. Physically, creating the perception of a detachment, moving the floor away from the walls and inserting a brass plane that crosses it below, coming out punctually for three circles, observational pauses of the journey. Optically, hiding the ceiling inside a northern lights of white fabrics without direct light, which was welcoming and protective.

plan and section. The sinuous suspended blades of white fabric that draw the spaces of the shop from
above and the brass "ponds" carved into the floor that define the fitting rooms by pulling the curtains
down to the floor are evident.

The be \ SIDES project is born from the same intention of “detachment”: this is how the furniture chosen in support of the space deviates from the wall. “Add to reveal the last side”: a reflection in painted iron that clings to the wood of the selected furnishings, to form a new all-round entity. The lighting of the main space has been designed to be adaptable to change. The Abbott Sphere lamps have been designed to obscure the ceiling and spread the light downwards: the luminous spheres that accompany the trip have been connected to flat disks, joined in turn to axes hanging from the ceiling that develop throughout the height of the container, to create a path between the products on display. The light spot moves between two positions, high and low, to allow two different ways of illuminating the environment. The electrical system has been designed to “sew” the walls: a line of textile cable that enters and leaves the perimeter walls forming “knots” consisting of plugs and switches in bakelite, changing direction at the brass circles and raining on them from above. The sales space is delimited on one side by 3 rotating / shielding panels that separate it from the laboratory; always at the bottom of a U-shaped glass wall that introduces to the sanitary service generating a luminous lantern thanks to a horizontal source of light at the same height of the fabrics of the main space.

design sketches of a newly designed piece of furniture.

interior view, visible the electrical system installed off the track and the tubular iron hangers that delimit a micro space by means of a line that closes in on itself.


FPAA is an architectural design studio. It deals with new buildings and redevelopment of the building heritage, but also with interior design, graphic communication and corporate design. It is based in Orbetello from where it also operates in countries outside Italy. It avails itself of the collaboration of external professionals in order to face and solve every intervention in its entirety. The studio prefers a contextualised design in order to offer the best solution starting from the design intent and from the comparison with the client and the place of intervention.

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